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Sex: A Relationship and Not Marriage (2016)

Sex: A Relationship and Not Marriage (2016)
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Title:Sex: A Relationship and Not Marriage
Original Title:정사 : 결혼 말고 연애
Director : Jo Kyeong-hoon-I,
Writer :
Producer :
Country:South Korea
Runtime:109 min.
Genre:Romance, Drama

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"Getting married is crazy! I only want to be in relationships!" The life story of a woman who doesn't want to settle for one man. Her mom nags at her to get married, her superior grills her to bring results and her boyfriend turns out to be married. Soo-kyeong comforts herself with some spicy food. One lonely birthday, she ends up having sex with the chef of the spicy food restaurant. They fit well mentally and physically so they get closer but Soo-kyeong rejects the chef's marriage proposal. The chef gets married with someone else and asks her, "I got married with someone else like you said. Now will you have a relationship with me?"
Yoo So-hyeon
Joo In-cheol
Kim Yoo-yeon
Ahn So-hee-I