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Cunk on Shakespeare (2016)

Cunk on Shakespeare (2016)
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Title:Cunk on Shakespeare
Director : Lorry Powles,
Writer : Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris, Charlie Brooker,
Producer : Sam Ward,
Country:United Kingdom
Runtime:29 min.
Genre:Documentary, Comedy

 Production Company:House of Tomorrow


Comedy from Charlie Brooker starring Philomena Cunk, the witless commentator from Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe. Philomena knows absolutely nothing about Shakespeare, but that won't stop her attempting to present a groundbreaking documentary about him. Cunk will leave no stone unturned as she gets to the bottom of the Bard, visiting his birthplace, exploring the Globe, studying priceless artefacts and interviewing literally six different experts, including renowned actor Simon Russell Beale, Educating Yorkshire teacher Matthew Burton and top Shakespearean scholar Professor Stanley Wells. Shorter than Hamlet, funnier than King Lear and easier to spell than Cymbeline, Cunk On Shakespeare is absolutely the last word in Shakespeare documentaries.
Diane Morgan
Simon Russell Beale
Damon Tai