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My Friend's Wife (2015)

My Friend's Wife (2015)
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Title:My Friend's Wife
Original Title:내 친구의 아내
Director : Tak Seung-oh,
Writer :
Producer :
Country:South Korea
Runtime:80 min.
Genre:Drama, Romance

 Production Company:


I want to spend all night with my friend's wife who is extremely sexy. Jeong-woo is a husband who can't get an erection while his marriage is going down the drain. A friend and his wife from the States suggest a couples trip and Jeong-woo meets his friend's wife Hye-sook who is extremely sexy. His 'package' keeps getting stimlated every time he sees her. He tries to ignore it but every time he sees her, he gets sexual fantasies. Finally, he suggests to his friend, to 'switch' partners...
Joo Ye-bin
Je Dong-hwa
Jeong Tae-min
Hee Jeong-I
Lim Song-i
Seo Hyeon
Oh Ji-hoon
Ji Yeong