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Unlawful Entry (1992)

Unlawful Entry (1992)
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Title:Unlawful Entry
Director : Jonathan Kaplan,
Writer :
Producer : Charles Gordon,
Country:Japan, United States of America
Language:English, Español
Runtime:117 min.
Genre:Crime, Thriller, Mystery

 Production Company:20th Century Fox, Largo Entertainment, JVC Entertainment Networks


After a break-in at their house, a couple gets help from one of the cops that answered their call. He helps them install the security system, and begins dropping by on short notice and unofficial patrol, and spends a lot of time discussing the couple's problems with the wife. The husband begins wondering if they're getting too much help.
Kurt Russell
Ray Liotta
Madeleine Stowe
Roger E. Mosley
Ken Lerner
Deborah Offner
Carmen Argenziano
Andy Romano
Sonny Carl Davis
Sherrie Rose
Lynn Eastman-Rossi
Dick Miller
Bob Minor
Djimon Hounsou
Richard Narita
Charles David Richards
Dino Anello
Harry Northup
Tony Longo
Nora Heflin
Rob Steinberg
Robert Costanzo
Bill E. Rogers
Victor Brandt
Sulla Hamer
Gene Levy
Lewis Colick
Lewis Colick
John Katchmer
George Putnam
James Horner
Jamie Anderson
Curtiss Clayton
Jackie Burch
Lawrence G. Paull
Bruce Crone
Rick Simpson
April Ferry
Hallie D'Amore
Kimberly Felix
Kathryn Fenton